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    • Rajesh Kumar

      Some new terms of TFSC

      Repository— The data store containing all files and folders in the TFSC database. Mapping— An association of a repository path with a local working folder on the client computer. Working folder— A directory on the client computer containing a local copy of some ...

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      • Rajesh Kumar

        Features in TFSC are fairly standard among SCC tools

        Some of the features in TFSC are fairly standard among SCC tools: Workspace creation Workspace synchronization File checkout Overlapping checkout by multiple users of the same file Atomic change-set check-in File diffs Automated merge Code-line branching ...

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        • Rajesh Kumar

          Merging Functionality in TFSC

          The merging functionality in TFSC is centered on the following typical development scenarios: Scenario 1: The catch-up merge— The user wants to merge all changes from a source branch that have not yet been migrated to the target branch. The source and target can be a subtree or an ...

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          • Rajesh Kumar

            Branching in TFSC

            Branching in TFSC Branching is the SCM operation of creating an independent line of development for one or more files. In a sense, branching a file results in two identical copies of the original file that can be modified as desired. Changes in the old line are not, by default, reflected in ...

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            • Rajesh Kumar

              Offline Checkout/Check-In in TFSC

              A contributor syncs his workspace and takes his laptop home for the evening. At home, he continues working and chooses to check out a file. An unmodified copy of the checked-out file is placed in the contributor's cache on his local computer. The contributor co...

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