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    • Rajesh Kumar

      Important Configuration Definitions

      Source code— Files written in high-level languages such as C# that need to be compiled (for example, foo.cs). Source(s)— All the files involved in building a product (for example, C, CPP, VB, DOC, HTM, H, and CS). This term is used mostly as a catch-all phrase that is spe...

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      • Rajesh Kumar

        Definition of Configuration Management

        Software CM is a discipline for controlling the evolution of software systems. Classic discussions about CM are given in texts such as [6] and [8]. A standard definition taken from IEEE standard 729-1983 [42] highlights the following operational aspects of CM: Identification: an identificatio...

        Tags: definition of configuration management, configuration, management, identification, control, status accounting, audit and review

        • Rajesh Kumar

          Using Ant to build J2EE Applications

          Apache Ant (Another Neat Tool) is a build tool, mainly for Java projects. A build tool can be used to automate certain repetitive tasks, e.g. compiling source code, running software tests, creating jar files, javadocs, etc. A build process typically includes: the compilation of t...

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