TringMe - Unlimited high quality free calls & messages

Do you make calls to India often? You can now call India at just 2 cents/minute flat rate. Login to your TringMe account with your email address to start calling not only to India, but even other places around the world at best rates. You can even use our mobile application or Gtalk to makes calls and send messages

Download TringMe on your Mobile
If you use Android or Blackberry phone, you can download TringMe's mobile application for calls and messaging. So enjoy unlimited high quality free calls & messages to other TringMe users all over the world. In addition to free calls, you can also make paid calls to your friends and family on their mobile or landline numbers at our unbeatable rates.

Call & Recharge using Gtalk
Do you know that you can call and recharge your TringMe account using Google talk? Just add as your friend and type 'help' in google talk window for more details.

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Access Problem
Do you have problem accessing TringMe's website from your country? No worries, you can login through our secure website, directly from Facebook or even through one of our premium resellers for e.g. and If you are still having problems, write to us at our helpline.

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